Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Worst News and The Best Outcome

What would you say is the worst news you have received?

The loss of a loved one?
A devastating diagnosis?

Perhaps it was the betrayal of a friend or something so painful that you have never spoken to anyone about it.
Everyone in this world has had their share of bad news. I recall the day that seemed to be the worst day of my life.
My doctor shared that I was very unhealthy and his next words shook me to my core. He said, "You are a very intelligent woman but you have not made good choices with your health and if you do not lose weight you will not live much may not live to see 40 years old."
I sat there with tears in my eyes.  I was dumbfounded and partially offended, but most of all frustrated, scared and disappointed in myself.

He said for me to start taking a walk or getting on a treadmill for a minimum of 10 minutes a day and to immediately change my lifestyle.

When I first started exercising those 10 minutes were excruciating but I knew that I had to stay with it if I wanted to see my 40th birthday and to live longer.

Before I knew it 10 minutes turned into 15 minutes and 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes. Not only that, new choices were made in the things that I ate and as independent as I am (or thought I was), I learned that I needed a support system and a team of people to help me reach my goal of improved health. It has been a long road but I am so thankful to God that my medical reports have improved, significant weight loss has been experienced and I feel better now at 42 than I did at 22. When my body craves exercise and I get excited going to walk and jog all I can do is praise God because I remember how far He's brought me.

Clearly, the worst news of my life produced the best results in my life.

What about you? Do you also need someone in your life to tell you the truth about yourself in a way that is so painful that it will wake you up from your spiritual, relational, professional or physical slumber? Will what you have lost be re-purposed in the new evolution of you? Will your moments of devastation lead to your destiny being fulfilled?

Perhaps your worst news will produce the best results for you as well. Bad news draws us closer to God.
No matter where you are on your journey please be encouraged.
Where you are right now does not have to be your end. It could be one of your defining moments and a springboard to your testimony that will bless others.

In Genesis 22 Issac and Abraham's lamentation turned into celebration when God provided a ram.

In Luke 23:46 Jesus died on the cross. His gruesome death ensured the best of our salvation.
What looked like the disciples' worst news ever would lead to the best news ever in 3 days when they would experience Jesus had been resurrected. (Luke 24)

Today, let's pause and thank God for bad news that leads to the best news ever.
He was dead but now He's alive!
Because He lives all of our bad news can be overcome because of the cross.
"Because He lives I can face tomorrow, because he lives all fear is gone, because I know who holds the future and life is worth the living just because  He lives..."

Dear Lord,
Thank you for bad days that have and will lead to better days. Thank you for being a God of another chance. Take our brokenness and receive honor . No matter what bad news we have or will experience, we know that you will grant an outcome that gives you glory. Thank you for testimonies and victory in Jesus Christ. We bless you for the gift of your marvelous grace. You lived, died, rose again and now are seated at the right hand of our Father interceding for each of us. Thank you for more good news to come. Our hope is in you.
Make us faithful!

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