Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What I Thought I Knew About Love/ A tribute to my husband. Rev. Timothy Robinson.

A guide.
Like the wind that directs kites to fly high into the heavens and commands sailboats to make their home on the sea.
Like water on a hot, summer day.
A thirst quencher that you cannot get enough of.

Is that how you envision love?
It's exactly how I envisioned love for most of my life and especially when I was a single woman anticipating marriage one day.
I had so much to learn about love.
Love can be all of those things, but it is also so much more.
My portrait of it was seen through rose tented glasses, through relationships in the media, through the illusions of perfect relationships around me and through a perspective that had not yet been tested by life.

Love as a girl is fantasized.
Love as a teenager is romanticized.
Love as a young adult is often dramatized.

Today,  I'm thankful for a grown up understanding of what love really is.
Love actualized.

I rejoice in 8 years of marriage to my best friend and seminary sweetheart.
He is my heart, my love, a supportive leaning post and covenant partner.
He is Rev. Tim Robinson. Tall. Dark. Handsome.
(Que Johnnie Gill singing, "Mymymy.")

I honor him today on our anniversary for the strong leader that he is, for his commitment to academic excellence and for being the pastor of our home.
I'm thankful to him for being the provider and prophet and priest.

He is affirming and encouraging and he stimulates my intelligence.
Thankful for his life.
I'm so thankful to be his wife.
He's my man. God's man!

We have celebrated together.
We have suffered together.
We have lived on a lot.
We have lived on little.
We have grieved together.
We have laughed until we have cried and we have sat crying in silence.
We have grown together.
We have been encouraged together and have evolved together.
We are recipients of God's amazing grace.
We are discovering what love is and is not together.

Love is a gift from God that never fails.
(1st Corinthians 13: 8.)

It is not selfish, self seeking, prideful or impatient. Love does not insist that the person you marry will remain who they were when you met them or who they were on your wedding day because each of us evolves continually. Love leaves room for change.
Love is not entitled.
Love speaks the truth in love.
Love is not petty or immature.
Love is not based upon feelings but based upon commitment.
Love apologizes and love forgives.

It is growing and changing and maturing daily.


It is as elegant as classical musical and as good as 90's R&B music and hip hop.
It's as timeless as Nat King Cole.
It's all over the place like finger paint.
It's warming or destructive like fire.
It's exhilarating and exhausting.
Love agrees and disagrees.
Love listens and speaks.
Love gives.
It's unpredictable and it's unique.
Love is a classroom.
It is childlike and it is grown up.
It's a riot. It's a circus. It's a fairytale and life often brings moments that are nightmares.
It does not throw in the towel.
It does not pretend to have it all together.
It is impossible without God, prayer, sacrifices and a healthy support system.

The great, insatiable, paradox.
One moment it is magical and another moment it is messy.  It cannot be achieved without supernatural power.

Shakespeare suggests that "love is rigid and crucial to endure life."

The Bible says that love is truth in action.
(I John 3:18)

I agree with both.
It's life giving, heart expanding, character building, complimenting and complicated. It's also deliberate dying to oneself and perpetual faith and servitude in action.

I am thankful for it and praise God for the Ministry of marriage that makes each of us more like Christ each day.
I love you....deeply love you, Timothy Robinson. Humbled by the shared journey. Thank you for loving, sharing, laughing, enduring and protecting. Because of you I have known real love.

Dear Lord, for your abiding love and divine plan to bring life purposes together in marriage, we thank you.
For using two imperfect people who are striving to live out your perfect plan, we thank you.
For the waiting room that prepared us for one another, we thank you.
For joys and sorrows, we thank you.
For defining and redefining true love, we thank you and give you praise.

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