Monday, May 16, 2016

Moma Said: Words of Wisdom Celebrating Moms (A tribute to Sheila B.)

If you have followed the last few days with me in social media, then you know that I couldn't be happier.

Here's a recap of an awesome weekend of fun moments.
Shout out to my mother and yours.
Shout out to my sis. She is the best!
#Stevesgirl #BaileyandBriellesMom
Great night celebrating Mom. Mother's day night out on the town.
She is always giving to others and I enjoy spending time just giving to her.
She is the woman I aspire to be.
#bigfun #meetBandB #Gigisgirlsnight

If you can't tell....
This weekend was the best! From pizza night to a fancy night to real talk and sleepovers. Ice cream party and prayer time. Brunch and city sites. All sum up fun with Mom.

My mother, sister and nieces joined me in the great city of Houston.
I'm sure you can still see me smiling!
Family gives me life.

We could not be together due to ministry commitments on Mother's day, but we were thankful to have had an opportunity to share with one another over the last few days amidst a conference schedule. We got some awesome girl time in and celebrated Mother's Day in many sweet and private moments.

In our sharing, my sister and I recalled words of wisdom that our mother has spoken for our entire life.

Even when we are miles apart her words are closely cherished in our heart.

We must admit and proudly declare to the world, "Everyday is Mother's Day!"
I am still standing in life today because of a faithful and gracious God and a praying and present mother.

*Write out your best "Mom memories" or the top memories that evoke your mother's wisdom.

I celebrate all mothers today- biological, adoptive, and spiritual mothers.

Do you need mother wisdom, a push or hug or encouragement from a mother today?

Here's our mother's timeless words.

Let's call them Sheilaisms from our mother's heart to you, to me, to each of us.

Give God your best. Give to God by tithing. Give to God in prayer. Give to God in study. Get up early or stay up late, but give God the best of your Bible study time. You don't want to come to the end of your life and see how much time you wasted and regret the time that you neglected time spent with the Lord in His word. His Word is a great gift. Digest it. Cling to God's promises.

Do everything to do with excellence.

Make your bed. Start your day by making the bed because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. It doesn't guarantee a perfect day, but it helps you to start with organization and a clutter-free life starts with organizing the things around us. Clean your house and make your bed. Sounds simple but it develops discipline.

Take care of your body. Do not wait until it's too late to start caring about your body. Take your vitamins and watch what you eat. Exercise regularly. Rest. Visit your doctor. Be young at heart. Enjoy hobbies. Be active. Look good for yourself and be appealing to your spouse.  No one wants to come home to a dirty house and an unkept spouse. Even if you share the responsibilities of the house, be sure to do your part and do not lose yourself in the process. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.

Take care of your clothes. We live in a day where people buy lots of clothes that are inexpensive, but they don't last. If you pay good money for your clothes, you will not have to buy many pieces and your high-quality items will last a lifetime. The bottom line is work hard and you buy nice things and you must remember to take care of the things that God has given you. Everything we have should be cared for as a matter of stewardship.

Support your own habits. You can not have things that you enjoy and expect other people to always provide for you or to get it for you. If you like it and if you want it, you need to plan to get it yourself.

Save your money. Make an investment in the future and have the discipline to save for the days ahead. Sacrifices are worth long-term investments.
Make tough decisions now so that you can enjoy life later.

Be a good manager of your life.
Manage your time.
Live your dreams.
Love your enemies.
Be smart.
Don't let people make you reduce who you are.
Do not fight aging because aging is a blessing and it is beautiful.
Support others.
Work hard.
Be resourceful.
Be faithful.
When things fall apart,  may God bring out the best in you even by the worst experiences. Rise to the occasion.
Transition well in life.
Have joy with what you have.
Overcome your fears with faith.
Be a good spouse. Be a supportive family member because you only have one another.
Make laughter. Make love.
Pray together.
Look out for your family and guard your time together.
Be a great sibling. No one will have your back like your brother or sister.
Know your family history and pass it down.

Love and respect your spouse and enjoy loving on your spouse, children and friends.
Sacrifice for one another. There are some seasons when you are not going to be able to see everyone or do everything so be sure to do what matters. Show up for each other. Serve them. Celebrate with them. Pray for them. Be careful not to overreact. Know when to pray and when to speak up and when to be quiet. Know each other's love languages, personality and temperaments and respect your differences.
Be playful.
Don't take yourself so seriously.
Don't worry about the things that people say about you that are not true.
Keep living.
Know when it is time to get over something and move on.
Give back.
Have fun.
Remember that you do not always have to say what is on your mind.
Have knowledge and wisdom.

When you experience loss remember to live on what's left.
Soar. "You are no chicken. You're an eagle."
Do your best.
Trust God. Know that He is faithful.
Know that your Moma loves you.
Thanks Mom for timeless words and the timeless treasure, teacher, supporter and friend that we have in you.

Written with love for an amazing mother, Sheila M. Bailey, mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother, President of Sheila B. Ministries, friend, bible teacher, mentor to pastor's spouses, women and aspiring leaders.

With gratitude for a loving mother and the memories of tremendous grandmothers:
Mama Lucy Smith
Granny Victoria Curtis
Grandma Eula Jackson
Mom Gwen Odom and all women of wisdom.
Shout out to a woman that is our grandmother of our heart, Mrs. Dixie Daughtry. She and Mom reflect ageless beauty and a blessed Christian Heritage.

Praise God for mothers.
If you are a mother, know that your life and words matter. Your children will rise and call you blessed. Keep impacting!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the gift of mothers.
We give you praise for the ministry of Moms.
We celebrate mothers on earth and we remember mothers in heaven. We honor you for your creativity and ingenuity in designing wise, resourceful, hardworking, human, equipped, encouraging, Proverbs 31 women.
Thank you for every tear that they have dried and  for every heart and hand that they have held in all seasons.

Help us to honor you by the way that we honor our mothers and all women. Teach us to be women that train girls and women with biblical excellence, authenticity and endless love.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Letter To Graduates With Love (You Did It!) That's What's Up!

Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on your great milestone!
You finished well.
We are so proud of you.
Stand up and take a bow.
Hard work, sacrifices, relentless study, prayers and faithfulness have paid off.

I'm sure that this was not an easy journey.
Thank you for not giving up.
Graduation looks great on you!

Thomas Edison once said, "The greatest failures are people who gave up when they didn't realize how close they were to success."

Thank you for looking beyond your circumstances with hope for a brighter day.
You were not and will not ever be defined by your predicament or the opinions of others. Be defined by your persistence.

Keep it moving! Quitting is not in your DNA.
God named you Victory.

Persistence is a commitment to conscious dedication. Continue to take it with you.
There are more mountaintops to experience and more tests to endure. There are more dreams to dream, people to meet and more testimonies to witness. There are special things that you were born to do and to be.
Go forth and impact in positive and productive ways.

May this season serve as a reminder that God is a faithful provider and sustainer and that you are stronger than you can ever imagine. In fact, when you were or are weak, He was (and is and will be) stronger.  If God did it before, He can do it again.
Keep looking:

Look back.
Remember where you have come from and the people that helped you to get to where you are.

Look ahead.
Consider what the opportunities are that are before you.
Start a business. Get a Master's degree. Begin Doctoral studies. Travel the world. Write a book. Mentor. Teach. Learn. Establish a non-profit organization. Start a movement. Invent. Commit to personal development. Revolutionize. Give to the poor. Give yourself away. Make global impact. Do what you have to do to get to where you want to be. Sacrifice is not a dirty is an essential word. Never stop dreaming.

Look up.
No matter how awesome, studious and gifted you are, nothing can be done without God's power. Seek Him in all you do.

Look around.
There will always be people and thoughts, places and perspectives that should be shifted. Shift as needed!

Develop boundaries but live with no limits.

I wish I could tell you that life will go just as you planned it, but that would be flabby fantasy.
What I can tell you is that God's will for your life will prevail and that is always far better than anything that we can plan ourselves. Write your own fairytale, but do not use the pen of superficiality. Use the ink of hope, of growth, of mistakes overcome, of servitude and  of character development.

Be flexible and open. Resist the desire to be perfect and to always know what is next. Reject the temptation to get stuck on one narrow path or to become handcuffed by your own plans and pursuits.
The old adage is true, "Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser."

Give God your gifts, dreams, relationships and heart and leave room for your mistakes and the mistakes of others, expand in knowledge and be committed to growth.
Be resilient and have faith.
Know that you are not your social status or your economic status.
You are a portrait of the image of God.
You. Are. Enough.

Watch God take the beautiful and torn threads of your life and create an awesome tapestry for His glory.

You are prayed for and loved.

Here is my wish for you.
I would tell this to my younger self. I also want you to remember:

Stay hungry.
Remain a learner.
Be stretched.
Be humble.
Worship. Work. Rest. Play. Repeat.
Build people.
Lend your voice.
Take care of yourself.
Get involved in church ministries.
Embrace your Civic duties.
Enhance neighborhoods.
Change laws.
Cherish people.
Make a difference.
Enhance systems and eradicate them if necessary.
Shatter the glass ceiling.
Be forgiving.
Never settle.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Take criticism lightly yet seriously.
Know what to ignore and what to give your attention to.
Experience God in all things.
Share Christ.
Be a friend.
Be you.

Remember that Romans 8:28 is true.
All things may not feel good but everything will work out for your good.

The world awaits you.
We applaud you and are praying for you.

Ready? Go get it! Go get your future.

In the timeless words of Dr. Seuss,
"Oh, the places you'll go."

Many blessings,
and Cross Spring Ministries

Dear Lord,
Thank you for these graduates and their families. Thank you that their lives have been created with great intentionality and you promise to give them hope and a future. We place them in your lap and trust you in their future. May their life and choices be a thank you note for your glorious grace and goodness. Continue to show yourself mighty in every season. We give you praise for graduations and transformations. Amen.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let's Pray

It's National Day of Prayer.
National leaders from around the world are pausing to partner in prayer today for our nation.

Let us join in the purposeful efforts and pray for people and missions who are close to our hearts.

E. M. Bounds spoke words that remain true, "We should unlock our mornings with prayer and deadbolt our evenings with prayer."

Have you unlocked today in prayer?

What prayer has God answered for you?

We celebrate answered prayers and God's power. He is a God who is moved by our heart's cry.
Let's bombard heaven together:

Join me in praying for:
World peace
All nations
The heart of America
For the gospel to be spread by Believers who are ready for spiritual revival.
For each of us to choose evangelism as a lifestyle.
For our behavior and beliefs to be aligned.
For single men and women
Couples and Marriages
Children and youth
For missionaries who risk all for the sake of the gospel.
For the abused, marginalized and ostracized.
For families impacted by terrorist attacks.
For servant leaders/ public servants
Our President and First Lady and family
Global leaders
National leaders
Civic/ Community leaders
Political figures and parties
Pastoral and ministerial leaders
Educators and Administrators
Students and Parents
First Responders
All medical professionals and patients
Police men and women
Military families
Counselors and Social Workers
Communicators and Social Justice voices
Entrepreneurs and businesses
Non-profit organizations, churches and ministries.
Administrative Professionals and staffs
Sanitary workers
All Blue and White collar workers
The consciousness of our culture
Bereaved Families
Suffering families
The sick and home bound
Impoverished communities
Homeless men, women and children
Care givers
Biological, adoptive and foster children
Imprisoned men and women
Judges, lawyers, federal agents and correctional officers
Employees and employers
Hurting people who desire healing
Persons in transition
Displaced families
Men and women who are in the waiting room of life and feel alone, frustrated or devalued.
Persons who are celebrating.
College students
New parents
New job recipients
Persons who are existing but not living.
Person's searching for significance or waiting for dreams to unfold.
Pray for a refreshed faith, focus, purpose revealed and executed and a long suffering, patient reliance on God.

Let us also pray (in this special weekend of celebrations of motherhood) for:
Mothers on earth and mothers who are remembering their mothers in heaven.
Expectant mothers
Spiritual mothers
Happy mothers
Hurting mothers

Now let's pray for people who are close to your heart.
Who do you pray for daily?

Who needs your prayers in your circle of friends, family or sphere of influence?
How can you put feet on some one's prayers today by meeting a need or showing compassion?

What do you want people to learn about God in prayer?

What do you want your prayer legacy to be?

Why pray?
We are able to make our requests known to God.
Philippians 4:6

Prayer allows us to be cleansed from sin and is effective.
James 5:6, I John 1:9

Petitions may be made for all people.
I Timothy 2:1

Do you need prayer?
What are you praying for?

Draw strength from God and seek His face.
I Chronicles 16:11

Prayer is the best wireless connection!
It's steady, sure, free and is never interrupted.
Get connected to God in prayer today.

(Write out your prayer to God).

Before we close this day of powerful prayer, I solicit your prayers for Cross Spring Ministries.
We are excited that Cross Spring Ministries will be 1 years old in August and we are thankful for each of you that are partnering with us in prayer and support.
It's been a year of fruitful partnerships, blooming itinerant ministry, intentional mentoring for women in ministry, encouragement for ministry workers, empowerment for staffs, ministry groups, small groups, seminaries and seminarians.
We give God praise.

Please pray for more lives to be impacted, more souls to be saved, more partnerships to provide wells of water in South Africa with the Rollings Foundation and more partners to provide clean water in Flint Michigan.
Most of all, pray for the Living Water to be shared purely and passionately for the glory of God.

Thank you for prioritizing prayer.
Let us make every day a National Day of Prayer.

"We must pray with our eyes on God and not our difficulties."
-Oswald Chambers

We can not wait to pray when we are in trouble.
Let us pray without ceasing.
I Thessalonians 5:17

Dear Father,
Thank you for hearing and answering prayer. We love you and submit to you.
We bless you for your perpetual presence and movement in our daily lives.
Heal our land and hear the unspoken language of our hearts. Answer according to your perfect will.
Thank you for being a God who sees and cares.

In Jesus name,

If you would like one of Cross Spring Ministries shirts with a purpose, we invite you to purchase our "God turns prayer requests into praise reports" t-shirt. It may be purchased @ Created with love by SheLooks. Click on (see our products).
Thank you for being a bold witness and a powerful man and woman of prayer.