Monday, March 27, 2017

A Prayer For Women In Women's Month/Celebrating the God Who Made Womankind

Dear #Lord, God of All Creation,

Thank you for creating #womankind.

We honor you for such a special and sacred #gift.

In a world that often neglects the celebration of #women or strives to corrupt the relationships of women or attempts to create competition amongst men and women, we thank you for #unity, #Christ-esteem and #self-awareness.

In a society that often cancels the footprints of female #hiddenfigures, we thank you for seeing us and granting us your heavenly applause, cooperation, character, gifts, humility and visibility.

Thank you for every woman that has, that is and that will impact the #world in #positive, #practical and #profound ways.

Thank you for historic and modern day #femalemagic.

We praise you for access to your throne room in prayer and the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with you.
Thank you for knowing us, for loving us, for creating us, for correcting us and for equipping us.

You made a memorable mark on the world with your masterful portrait of Strength. Beauty. Intelligence. Class. Fortitude. Compassion. Gentleness. Grace. and Grit.

We celebrate you for fashioning women of all ages, skin tones, religions, of diverse geographical and socio-economic backgrounds.

We are your bouquet.
Be pleased with the fragrance of our collective impact and with the aroma of our lives.

You could have completed creation after creating mankind, but you didn't stop there.
You saw a rib in Adam and made something wonderful to share the journey with him. We sure do thank you!
You decided to use more paint on your divine paintbrush that would forever change the landscape of humanity.
You clothed that rib with more of yourself.
We believe you looked at us (and at every face of every girl and woman created and yet to be created) and said, "That's good!"

We celebrate your #ingenuity, your #sensitivity, your #creativity and your #intentionality in fashioning each of us.

*For packaging us to be protected by the heart-we thank you.
*For equipping us to influence with the mind-we thank you.
*For empowering us to connect with emotions-we thank you.
*For giving us free will and stewardship of our own bodies-we thank you.
*For allowing us to nurture and to love others, we thank you.
*For the portrait that you have created in our body, mind and spirit-we thank you.

You created us to enjoy #life beyond our own lives and to recognize your beauty in others.
Thank you that you care for women collectively and individually.

You concern yourself with our beginning and new beginnings.
You are a God of comprehension and reinvention. We give you praise!

*We ask that you would give us the daily strength to live life in ways that honor your name.
*We ask that you will help all women to only measure ourselves in your Word and not by societal standards or by one another.
*We pray for a revival in the hearts of all women and a passion to know you in a greater way.
*We pray for greater unity and support of one another.
*We pray for every need of all girls and of all maturing women. Thank you for meeting us at our point of need.

You are the God who remembered Hannah, the God who used Rahab despite her past, the God who protected Esther and the God who gave Jairus' daughter life again.

We pray that you will remember every #girl and every #woman in need of your #touch, your #protection, your #breath and your #blessing.

Thank you for Women's month.

May our #celebration of you and one another never end.

In your name, the only name that will not fail, we pray....AMEN!

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